Kim Høltermand—Photographer



“My idea is to try to show the "humanity" of architecture. For me, architecture is not just empty containers. When I photograph architecture I like to approach the buildings as were they humans. They have emotions and they mirror their surroundings. Sometimes, architectural photography can be technically beautiful but at the same time very boring and cold. I like to breath life and mood into these amazing buildings that are all around us.
And at the same time respect their individual features and personalities".

From Architekturkultur, Herburg Weiland

Kim Høltermand is a Danish photographer, based in Copenhagen. Kim’s client list include Apple, Adidas and Instagram Design and his work has been featured in publications such as Wallpaper*, Dwell and T: The NYTimes Style Magazine.

Select clients: Frama, Apple, Stykka, Alfa Romeo, Hvass&Hannibal, Instagram Design, Zentropa, Adidas, Meris, Alchemist, Argon18, Tuve Hotel, Apple Music, HTC, Behance, DTU Windenergy, Sunday-S Gallery, Strømlin, Ny Carlsbergfondet, Trap Danmark, Realdania By & Byg and more.

Select publications: Wallpaper*, T: The NYTimes Style Magazine, AD Germany, Ark Journal, Minimalissimo, Benji Knewman, 99U Magazine, ICON Magazine, Bo Bedre, Forbes Japan, Water Journal, RUM, Brygg Magazine, A New Type of Imprint, Dwell, Openhouse Magazine, Oak The Nordic Journal, Cercle Magazine, L´Architecture d´Aujourd´hui (AA), Port Magazine, Baumeister and more.

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