A New Type of Imprint — Volume Ten


A New Type of Imprint Vol. 10 drops a visit at the headquarter of Scandinavian design, Denmark. In addition to 100 pages of interviews, essays, photo series and illustrations on Norwegian creatives, the extensive chapter introduces you to a handful of cool and talented Danes.

Volume Ten
A New Type of Imprint

If you’re like us and think you know what to expect when it comes to Danish design — their history is rich and strong, after all – you should think twice. We’ve met with contemporary, challenging, vivid and innovative creatives in the fields of fashion, photography, architecture, furniture, infrastructure, illustrations and spatial design. Puh!
And the chapter, which is far from minimal and scandi, is designed by the bold and beautiful Ironflag.

The cover is shot by Kim Høltermand.

A New Type of Imprint is a magazine on creative culture and design.

The Magazine is published quarterly by Anti, a full-service creative agency creating and building brands. It’s written in English and distributed all over the world.